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Goat Patch Brewing Company

Have you spotted the goat head when you’re eating out or getting your hair cut? Goat Patch Beer is popping up all over our city and for good reason. Every beer they make is so well balanced that you will want to try them all! They currently have 11 beers on tap, at their home brewery.

The owners of this brewery are Justin & Jen Grant and Darren & Kate Base. The came up with the name while sitting around the Grant’s kitchen table. Darren is not only the owner, but head brewer. He is very well known for his beard which is called a goat patch. As they learned more about what characteristics goats have they realized they are expertly balanced creatures with very distinct pallets.  It really did encapsulate everything they were going for with the name Goat Patch.

Goat Patch truly cares about the community of Colorado Springs. Every Tuesday is their Bleeding Heart Night, which from 5-9 is when they donate proceeds from sales to a non-profit that they are recognizing that night. If you want to have a fantastic beer while supporting local non-profits, make sure to head to Goat Patch on Tuesday Nights.

One of our favorite beer’s that they make is “It Takes A Tribe Red Ale.” Which is their community driven beer, so with every beer purchased at their brewery you will receive a wooden token. You then can take that wooden token and put it in one of the two boxes in the tap room.  The boxes have two non-profits that are featured there for the year. At the end of each year they will then add the tokens up and cut a check to each of the non-profits.

If you have never had the chance to try Goat Patch, keep your eye out for the Goat! Or even better head down to their brewery which is located in the Lincoln Center, 2727 N Cascade Unit 123.

Check out the video below to learn more, and visit their website @!