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Pikes Peak Lemonade Co

Who doesn’t feel happy when drinking lemonade?

Chez and Lisa DiDonato are the owners of Pikes Peak Lemonade in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lisa started their business back in 2013 when going to farmer’s markets. She realized there was a lack of healthy, organic fun options to drink. She also is very bothered by Styrofoam, so she sells her lemonade in reusable mason jars. These are not only environmentally friendly, they are super cute! They also saved using 65,000 plastic cups in a year, by simply using mason jars. Customers are also able to come back in and get a refill with the mason jar.

They have expanded their lemonades to wonderful cocktail mixes too. They not only sell from Colorado Springs location, but they also ship their lemonades all throughout the country. They the first lemonade taproom in the nation, all of our lemonade is on tap so it’s carbonated. If you are local, make sure to come check out their taproom downtown.

You haven’t tasted true lemonade until you’ve visited the Pikes Peak Lemonade Company.  Located at  224 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Check out the video below to learn more, and visit their website at